The 2017 University of British Columbia Host Committee would like to thank the following generous sponsors for their contributions and in kind support.

  • UBC Department of Political Science
  • UBC Department of Theatre and film
  • UBC Department of Anthropology
  • UBC Department of Sociology
  • UBC Allard School of Law
  • UBC Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery of Art
  • UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • UBC Xwi7Xwa Library
  • UBC CiTR Radio
  • UBC Press
  • Grunt Gallery
  • Vancouver Queer Arts Festival


We offer a special thank you to the following units at UBC that donated over $5000 to host this year’s event.

  • UBC First Nations House of Learning
  • UBC Faculty of Forestry
  • UBC Museum of Anthropology
  • UBC First Nations and Endangered Languages Program

We are especially grateful to the following sponsors who contributed over $10,000 to ensure our conference is a tremendous success.

  • University of Victoria
  • Simon Fraser University
  • UBC Faculty of Arts
  • UBC History Department
  • UBC First Nations and Indigenous Studies
  • UBC Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies

Most importantly, we raise our hands to the Musqueam Nation for allowing us to share together on their beautiful, unceded, traditional and ancestral territory. We hope our proceedings further our commitment to honour our responsibilities to this land and the Musqueam community.